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Math Strand: Number and Base Ten (Gr 1-3) or RTI Strategy

The standard algorithm is taught in 4th grade.  Teachers in the primary wing all the way through grade 3 struggle with what it means to teach addition “using place value understanding” as called for in the common core standards.  

Here’s a Teachable Moment worth noting:
Scrambled HOTS ​is the way to go when teaching addition to young children.  They simply guide their work with this hot new structure and poof they know what to do.  
It’s an acronym for success.  An old idea, with a hot new twist;
H- Hundreds, T- Tens, O- Ones, ​S- solve.

145 + 232 =

H   100 +200 =     300

T     40 + 30  =      70

O         5 + 2     =      7

S   300 + 70 + 7 = 377

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