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Summer is the perfect time to build better numeracy skills.  Keeping math minds active year round can help sharpen young and old minds alike, and will surely ignite a wave of life-long learning.  The world around us supports our efforts,with number puzzles and challenges around every corner. So why not create some good habits of mind and join the number game. 

We have collected a few of the best “no workbook required” math games, guaranteed to hit Math MileMarkers at every grade level.  Better yet they require minimal, if any, materials to play.  Forget the travel games and bulky backpack, and take a break from the world of electronic overload.  All you need is a few numbers and maybe a set of dice or deck of cards. Easy fun with no assembly required. 

Today’s game, Travel Brochure Bonanza, and the game posts that follow are perfect for the seemingly never-ending plane, train or automobile trip; downtime by the pool; or as restaurant time fillers.   

Have a wonderful vacation and be sure to look for more game posts in the weeks ahead!

Game #1: Travel Brochure Bonanza

The welcome center in every state and every vacation spot across the world provides racks of travel brochures for hotels, museums, and theme parks: the perfect game piece for multiple number games.   So as you explore the local attractions at your next destination, you can add these math activities and games to your must do list. 

Brochure Bonanza:  Exploring the most efficient way to add ten numbers and reinforce the power of the number 10. 

Game Rules:  Shuffle a collection of travel brochures and distribute one to every player.  Each player will find the sum of the digits found in the most prominent telephone number on the brochure by following this simple method:

Step 1: Find all the combinations of ten or multiples of ten (2+8=10 or 8+8+4=20)

Step 2: Find the sum of all the doubles. (7+7)

Step 3: Add everything else.  (add the leftover numbers)

Step 4:  Each player will add up the total score for their brochure.  The person with the highest score receives one point for that round. If tied, both players will receive a point.  Distribute another brochure and repeat, shuffling brochures to reuse if necessary.  The winner is the person with the most points at the end of game. 

Example: 485- 357-5828

[Text Box: Total Score: 10+10+10+20+5 = 55 10]

  • 3+7 = 10

  • 5+5 = 10

  • 8+2 = 10

  • 8+ 8+ 4 = 20

  • 5= 5

Game Variations

Math MileMarkers for the Younger Child: Brochure Bonanza can be used as a number recognition game for younger players.  At the start of the game, every player selects a number 0-9.  Every time that number appears in the brochure telephone number, that player receives a point. Brochures can be reshuffled and reused until game time is over. 

 Math MileMarkers Challenge: Advanced players can add the collective score of each brochure in their pile.  The player with the largest total score is the winner.

Math MileMarkers invites you to make math part of every child’s everyday world.  You’ll be amazed at how simple future math will become when mastery of the basic facts becomes part of a child’s everyday toolbox.  Be sure to look for new games posts in the weeks ahead.  We welcome you to share your math game ideas by visiting us at 

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