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Math4Minors/Math Milemarkers

Professional Development/Teacher Training For Math Instruction K-5

About Us:

MATH4MINORS LLC is an educational service organization designed to help teachers Calm, Command and Conquer the Curriculum®. Our goal is to help educators manage and master the K-5 Math Curriculum. The Math MileMarkers® products and services focus on the needs of learners from Pre-k to Grade 5.  We work with educators and parents to help build strong foundational skills, flexible number sense and a deeper understanding of the math concepts that are embedded in today's math standards. 

Regardless of the primary resource for instruction that schools have on hand, the road to success for children hinges on developing an in-depth understanding of the current math standards, building a strong vocabulary and flexible number sense and encouraging the use of common structures for problem solving. Math MileMarkers® encourages teachers and parents to take a closer look at the progression of learning that children experience, and provides resources and professional development opportunities to help make these very precious early years more meaningful and dare we say FUN! 

​Lynda Brennan, the founder of Math4Minors and author of Math MileMarkers®, a new standards-based children's book series and numeracy focused game resource, has been in the educational arena for over 23 years. After many years as an elementary classroom teacher and K-5 Math Specialist in a New York State, Title 1 school, she created the Math MileMarkers® products and services to help parents, teachers and children navigate their own successful mathematical journey in light of the new standards.

Lynda has been a featured speaker at the National Conference on Common Core Instruction in Las Vegas, Nevada and at several teacher workshops including the Minds On Math Teacher Conferences in Columbus,Ohio. Recent and upcoming conferences include the NCTM National Conference in San Antonio where she will be presenting for Nasco, the co-producer of the Math MileMarker Game, the NYS AMTNYS Conference in Rye, NY, The Wisconsin Mathematics Council Inc Annual Conference, TCMEA Conference in Rockland County NY, the New Cubed Conference (NY, NJ, New England math conference) at Siena College and the National Math Foundation's Math & Movement Conference in Utica, NY. Lynda is the regional facilitator for NYSUT's Elementary Math PLC which was funded through a grant from the Greater Capital Region Teacher's Center, and was recently named to the board of the Ten County Mathematics Educational Association, a local NCTM affiliate organization. Her message on how to Calm, Command and Conquer the Math Curriculum has been well received by teachers and administrators across the country.

We invite you to become part of the Math MileMarkers® Teacher Collaboration Corner where educators are offering new ideas, highlighting best practices and sharing their own success stories.

Allow us to join you on of your mathematical journey.

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Lynda Brennan