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Math MileMarkers® has created a series of instructional stories designed to build in-depth understanding of the learning standards while making learning math fun for kids.We want children to explore math concepts with interesting characters, and great visual models. Our stories offer a great launching pad for children to talk about math with friends, not just do math.  

One of the most powerful ways to use our stories is to ask children to Retell or Recreate the story. Retelling is a highly effective comprehension strategy, so using it with math stories just makes sense. Our companion activities including MileMarkers Math Talk and Storyboard templates (available free at www.mathmilemarkers.com), help children interact with the content and vocabulary and bring the standards to life in a new way. They are the perfect way to help young children learn to love math.

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Our Mission
Math MileMarkers®is the brand name for an educational service organization whose main mission is to help make learning mathematical concepts more meaningful and fun.  Our products and services are designed to help parents, teachers and students Calm, Command and Conquer the Curriculum®.


How do we do that?  First, we instill a sense of calm by sharing a vision of the big ideas that exist in the curriculum.  We focus on what children need to know and be able to do at every grade level, and we provide resources that help people easily see how math concepts connect and build along the k-5 learning continuum.  Our collection of instructional picture books, games and parent and teacher workshops, give people the tools they need to command the curriculum.  We strive to engage and excite learners using stories and games as tools to build in-depth understanding of the standards.


Finally, we help learners of all ages conquer the curriculum by providing ideas on how to promote positive feelings about math.  Our hope is to inspire children to think critically, struggle productively, and reason about numbers as they learn to love math.


Please allow Math MileMarkers to join you on your mathematical journey.  Together we can make learning math FUN!




About the Author

Lynda Brennan, author of Math MileMarkers® series and the new "Make 10" Games (Nasco), has been in the educational arena for over 23 years. After many years as an elementary classroom teacher and K-5 Math Specialist, she created the Math MileMarkers® products and services.  Her goal is to help parents, teachers and children navigate a successful mathematical journey in light of the new standards. 

With degrees in both business and education, she finds Math MileMarkers® the perfect opportunity to “market math” to children, teachers and parents.  Her mission is to streamline the best resources and information, and present them in a way that makes math interesting and fun for kids. 

Lynda has been a featured speaker at the National Conference on Common Core Instruction in Nevada and at the National Math Foundation's Summer Institute in New York. She is a board member for the Ten County Mathematics Educators Association (TCMEA), a local affiliate for AMTNYS and volunteers with other other math organizations including NCTM and TCM magazine.

In 2017 she presented at the New Cubed Summer Conference (NY, NJ, New England), Wisconsin Mathematics Council, AMTNYS,  NCTM National conference in San Antonio with Nasco and at the New York City Mathematics Project.    She is the regional facilitator for NYSUT's Elementary Math PLC which was funded by a grant from the Greater Capital Region Teacher's Center. 

Lynda's message on how to Calm, Command and Conquer the Math Curriculum® has been well received by teachers and administrators across the country. Click on Programs & Events to learn more about past and upcoming conferences.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Published Review

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New Cubed Conference. 2016

New York, New Jersey and New England 

National Math Foundation

New York, 2017


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NCTM National Conference, 2017

San Antonio, Texas 

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