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Math Milemarkers/math4minors Common Core Math instructional Resources K-5

Math Milemarkers/Math4Minors Common Core Math instructional Resources K-5

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Calm, Command and Conquer the Curriculum® 

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Testimonials- Miss Penny Says Prove It!  Educational Guide and Children's Book

  "Excellent story and instructional resource for mathematics!"  Jonily Zupanzic, Math Consultant, Ohio

  "Miss Penny will have your students grasping essential math foundational skills in a fun and engaging way" G. Pepe, Kindergarten Teacher, NY

 " It will be a helpful voice in the sometimes very heated conversations surrounding common core."  Amelia, Az

   "Teachers are hungry for a product like this.  Teacher, Karen, Ill.


Could Common Core Standards be

Good at the Core?

Educator Information Board 

Math MileMarkers offer mini-article reviews to help streamline information on hot topics surrounding common core and elementary math curriculum.  It's a great way for busy teachers to stay in the know and Command the common core



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